The Bake Shop

candy corn cookies

Orders are needed by Thursday and will be ready for pick-up or delivery on the following Friday. Please plan ahead during the busy times of the year! Thanks for supporting my cookie creations!

Ordering Options

By the Dozen

All of our cookies are wrapped individually and sold by the dozen. See the pricing table for a rough idea of the cost although each order is priced based on the decorations selected.


For events, cookies can be sold individually. If you have a club, organization, or charitable event coming up then please reach out!

Cookie Menu

Sugar Cookie Cutouts

This is the most requested of all varieties because they are fun to eat, taste delicious, and take too much time to make at home! Each cookie is decorated with royal icing and other possible embellishments based on the design.

Gingerbread Cutouts

My personal favorite cookie that I look forward to eating all year round because it’s only baked in November and December. Topped with royal icing and embellishments.

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