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When life happens, it’s time to jump on board and make the most of the ride.

Hi, I’m Allison.

I’d love to tell you who I am and what I do but the truth is, I’m working on figuring that out. What I can share is that I absolutely LOVE making things or giving new life to something that’s either distressed or dated. Do I have a short attention span? Arguably, no. I simply have unyielding creative energy and every time I want something for my house, to give as a gift, or even to wear and carry, my first instinct is to figure out if I can make it myself.

More definitively, I’ve had a varied professional past that includes retail management and merchandising, banking, investments, real estate, vehicle fleet management (yeah, that was a flop), luxury spa management, and now I’m the morning breakfast manager at a lovely old and historic inn where I grew up. When not at work I love to sew, knit, crochet, refurbish furniture, arrange florals, decorate, and make sugar cookies that look as good as they taste.

From a familial standpoint, I’m the mother of three daughters and the youngest of four sisters. I grew up in upstate New York and from there have moved around quite a bit including South Bend (IN), Boston, Baltimore, Hershey, Cedarburg (WI), and now I’m back in my hometown. It’s a quaint village on the most beautiful lake in the country. I love it here but my fate is far from certain and I can’t say what the future holds. That’s probably the common theme of my shared work. It’s all a process of unfolding as I leave the stage of having children at home and transition into being an empty nester. I’m still not sure if I’m scared or exhilarated but either way, I love to share my projects and that’s why I have this website.

Hospitality Basket
Floral Arrangement
throw pillows on couch

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