A guide to enjoying beautiful
Skaneateles, New York.


Projects created with fabric,
yarn, leather, and wood.

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Custom sugar cookies with
royal icing designs made to order.

Allison in the apple orchard

A little about me …

Hi, I’m Allison. While I was born and grew up in Skaneateles, I left for about 35 years to raise three daughters and pursue a variety of occupations. Since 2017 I’ve been back living in my hometown and enjoying every aspect of the most beautiful part of New York State (very biased opinion).

For the past several years, I’ve enjoyed working locally in the hospitality industry. The best part of these jobs has been meeting visitors who want to learn about Skaneateles and I’m more than happy to share my insights.

I’m not paid to do this and am diplomatically sharing only my opinion yet I’ve found that there are few objective resources for those who explore our area. Hence this new “Skaneateles” section of my website.

You may be confused about the BAKE and MAKE pages. These focuses are how this site began as they showcase my sugar cookies and all the various projects I make in my home. These include (yet aren’t limited to) sewing with fabric and leather; knitting, embroidery, and crocheting; floral arrangements; holiday decor; refurbishing tired finds; and taking pictures of this incredible part of the world.

Thank you for visiting and please, come back regularly as I’ll be updating the pages regularly.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the phonetic pronunciation of Skaneateles is either “Skinny-at-less” or “Skanny-at-less”. Both are correct depending on who you ask!

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